Monday, March 16, 2009

Saving Gourd Seeds

Would you like to try growing some gourds from the seeds you removed from a gourd while crafting? Some points to ponder.
* Was the gourd even worth it? By that I mean, was it a nice strong, thick gourd. If not, chances are the genetics might not be worth wasting time. Time is a big commodity with gourd growing. Do you want to possibly wast a whole year growing a gourd that wouldn't be worth much in the end?
*If it was a gourd you grew, what it dry before it was left to freeze? Maybe you live in a zone that doesn't freeze. That wouldn't be a concern then. Freezing the gourds before the seeds dry will cause poor germination.
You still want to try. Then you would probably be wise to check the germination percentage with the paper towel method of germinating seeds.

Germinating Seeds

My best luck with seed germination came from seed I took out of the Welburn gourds I cut open. Some of them germinated practically overnight with my germination process.
It is about time now to start growing gourds. Some warmer areas of the country can direct seed into the soil but us in colder areas will have to give our gourds a jumpstart indoors. Even if you do direct seed outside, you can still pre-germinate indoors and then place them gently in the ground.

Save seeds you aren't planting in airtight containers and keep in the refrigerator or freezer to keep them fresh.

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